Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday Favorites- Pets!

I love my pets, so I thought for today's Friday Favorites I would share them with you!

Miss Kitty came to us via my husband's family. She was originally a shelter cat that his family adopted. My father-in-law works overseas and none of my husband's siblings lived someplace that allowed cats, so voila we now have a cat! And honestly she's a nice cat. (She claimed this box as her bed! I think I'm going to decorate or paint it or something).

This is Peanut! She came to me when I wasn't married when someone gave her to me because they couldn't give her the love she deserves. She's a beagle with an attitude. She also has canine-epilepsy, which comes with it's own sets of challenges, but she is a great dog. (That's my wonderful SIL making the thumbs up)

And our newest addition, Lucky! I always avoid going to the animal shelter because I know I will want to walk out with every. single. animal. So, this dog can only be described as a heavenly gift. One day while my husband was walking Peanut he noticed something in the bushes a few streets over (where I live not much blocks the view), we were headed out anyway so we stopped over to see what it was. It was this darling little puppy. County ordinance dictated that we had to surrender it to animal services, but we became the first name on the adoption list. So here we are, and she is the most loyal and sweet dog you will ever know!

So that's my little zoo!

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