Thursday, October 28, 2010

Publx Trip 10/28/10

I spent $17.28 for $116.55 worth of groceries, saving $99.27 or 85%.

See my original list here.


(2)Bags Purina Puppy Chow because they only had one left, but I got a rain check!
Boxed Stuffing because I could get it cheaper elsewhere
Excedrin because the coupon I had didn't match any of the ones on sale
Nivea because I'll hold out a little longer

Coupons, Coupon Changes, Prices, and Price Changes:
Ronzoni Pasta BOGO $1.71 not $1.79
Muir Glen Pasta Sauce 4/$5
Deli Swiss Cheese- $1.21

It was a great trip! I especially love the savings because there was a lot of healthy/organic foods and pet stuff, as well as free/MM stuff! Here's a list of the freebies/MM:
(6)Muir Glenn Pasta Sauce
(8)Ronzoni Pasta
(2)Cascadian Farms Granola

My favorite cashier even turned her light off while I was in her line. Apparently they almost had a fight at that store recently over someone being impatient with the person using coupons. That's just crazy! I cannot believe  the way some adults act. Sometimes lines move slow, if it bothers you move to another line or just wait patiently. And we as couponers should never be anything, but polite to a rude person behind us. Thankfully the manager at this store is very coupon friendly, and now they turn the light off, which means one less hassle while I'm at the store! But seriously, I still think it is crazy.
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