Saturday, October 23, 2010

Publix Trip

(Not Pictured: 1 jar baby food and one Tide Stain Release)
I spent $35.67 for $139.22 worth of groceries, saving $103.55 or 74%!

See my original list here.

(2)Earth's Best Baby Food BOGO 99¢
(2)Uncle Ben's Rice 2/$3
   -(2)$1/1 Blinkie
(2)Tide Stain Release Clearanced $3.49 (Regular price $6.99)
   -$3/1 9/23/10 P&G
   -$3/1 Homemailer

(1) Daisy Sour Cream- I somehow missed it on my list when I was there...

Prices, Price Changes, and Coupon Changes: 
Juicy Juice BOGO $3.59 not $3.29
Fresh Express BOGO $3.69 not $3.99
Cheez-it BOGO $3.99 not $3.29
Playtex Tampons $3.49
Cotonelle Wipes $2.69 (free with coupon)
Advil $4.29 (free with coupon)
Pamper's Wipes $6.99 (free with coupon)
And I changed my Glade $1/2 MFQ to a $3/3 Holiday Scents tearpad MFQ.

My trip was great. I went early Thursday morning and it was nice and empty in the store. Normally, I can't go that early because my daughter is actually a late sleeper, but with my mom here I could go early and without a child. The only down side was they didn't have any of the Glade Holiday scents. I had gone to a different Publix the night before (my mom wanted to get something from the store, and I saw the tearpad there), so I decided to run by that store really quick to get them. I went to check-out at customer service since I knew I had coupon overage, and they didn't want to let me use all the coupons because it would mean they would give me money back (which I knew might be a problem, but figured they would just adjust the one coupon down). I asked they CS person to just adjust the coupon down, so she went into a room to ask a manager who came out and told me I couldn't. I asked again saying that's what they do at other Publix, and she still wasn't budging so I said "this is why I don't shop at this Publix," which was true I had been there in the past and they had been very annoying about coupons. She then explained that she couldn't adjust it down because I had to pay tax and they couldn't tell how much was tax. I said, "it says right here on the screen that the tax is 36¢." Apparently the screen the cashiers see doesn't break down what is tax and what isn't. She finally adjusted the coupon down, and then apologized several times. But I still stand by the fact that this is why I don't shop at that Publix (that and it is crowded and laid out very oddly). It's weird how different Publix can be in the same city.
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