Wednesday, October 13, 2010

How Do I Use it? Rice Part IV: Special Concerns

We've learned a lot about rice, but now we need to talk about some special concerns.

Brown vs White Rice- Nutritionally brown is hands down the winner, but from a food storage perspective it actually isn't so. The main reason is the essential oils in the brown rice actually can cause the rice to go rancid. While it is possible to store brown rice for several years, it takes a little bit of know how and is kind of an advance food storage technique. For a year supply of food brown rice last about 6 months, and if refrigerated, even longer. On the other hand, white rice can easily be stored for 30+ years.

Cost- This adds another dimension to the brown vs white concern. Brown rice is most often more expensive than white rice. White rice is actually a fairly cheap food.

Water- You need water (or liquid) to cook rice. So in an actual emergency, you would not want rice to be the only grain you have because you don't want to waste all of your water on rice.

Cooking Source- Most rice needs to be heated to cook. This means one needs to have a cooking source of some kind to heat the pot. Just a consideration when storing it.

That's just a little food for thought for ya!

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