Thursday, September 30, 2010

Publix Trip 9/30/10

I spent $6.80 for $48.22 worth of groceries, saving $41.42 or 86%!

See my original list HERE.

(1) Old El Paso Seasoning 4/$3
   -Free wyb 2 Old El Paso Products


Coupon Changes, Prices, and Price Changes:
Cinnamon Toast Crunch BOGO $4.89 not $4.99.
Country Crock BOGO $1.95 not $1.89

*Edit* I forgot to mention I used a Dollar General $5/$25 Purchase Coupon as well.

Good Trip! I was going to pick up the Free pledge and Sundown Vitamins, but both of them were cleared out by time I got there at 10am!  I'm sure the vitamins have been gone for a few days, but the Pledge? I suspect shelf-clearing on that one because honestly it's not something people go "OMG it's on BOGO" and buy. But yeah, who knows. I'll try another Publix.


  1. You did wonderful!!!! It probably was a couponer indeed.. But from what I saw at my store today they did not Take a lot out to begin with.

  2. My store had quite an area on the shelf where it should have been...

    The thing is I know there is a booth at our local flea market where someone sells a bunch of stuff that I know was free/MM at Publix, and they call it "Half-off retail," and well that just makes me frustrated.

  3. OOH that is right, I think I remember you mentioning that.. or perhaps I heard this from someone else.. either way that would frustrate me as well.. It is Not right AT ALL!!

  4. Our store was almost cleared of the pledge grab its - they had 5 empty boxes and only the orange scent was left. After I got my 2 there were only 3 pkgs left.

  5. It's kinda crazy isn't it? I mean they weren't really even a money maker, or anything that exciting (in my book). I just got them because they were free and I thought free is a good price to try them!