Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New Uses for Video Tapes

Most people do not use a VCR anymore, and some don't even own a VCR. So what do you do with all those VHS tapes? They're quite bulky and take up a lot of space. Hopefully this list will help you re-purpose those tapes.

  • Building Blocks for Kids
  • Use the tape from the inside to dress yourself as a mummy for Halloween.
  • Build a house of video tapes (kind of like a house of cards).
  • Use it for a "safe." Kind of like the hollowed out book approach. You'd need some tools, but you could easily store valuables in there, and well I don't think many thieves will be looking at the VHS collection.
  • Use the tape to tie plants in the garden
  • Pass them on. Give them to Goodwill, Freecycle them, etc. there are actually people out there who still use only VHS.
  • You can use the hard plastic boxes as storage containers, and recycle the cardboard ones.
  • Tape them together to make a platform for a computer monitor.
  • You can use the tape to crochet
  • Use the hardshell case for a paper back novel case. Great for when you want to keep a book nice in a beach bag or purse.
  • Sell them, hey you never know if you have a rare one, and some people will buy a lot of VHS on ebay.
  • There is the possibility of recycling, but not all facilities accept them. 
  • Make placemats Thanks to Steph at the Coexist Cafe
Do you have an idea? Share below and I will add it to the list.

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