Thursday, October 14, 2010

Publix Trip 10/14/10

I spent $32.65 for $93.94 worth of groceries, saving $61.29 or 65%.

(4)Cheerios BOGO $4.29
  -(1)$1/3 from 10/3/10 GM
(12) Yoplait Yogurt 20/$10
  -(4) 3 free wyb one box of original Cheerios peelie
(4)El Monterey Burritos 2/$6
  -(2)BOGO from their facebook HERE
(1) Mushrooms 2/$3
(1)Potatoes $2.69
(2)Avocado 10/$10
   -(2)$1 off Produce Target HERE
(1)Pace Salsa $2.79
(1)Publix Salsa $1.99
   -Free with Buy Theirs Get Ours Promotion
(2)Nestle Assorted BOGO $5.99
   -(2)$2/1 HERE
(1)Planters Peanuts $3.19
   -(1)$1/1 Printable (No longer available)
(1)Publix Peanuts $2.89
   -Free with Buy Theirs Get Ours Promotion
(2)Mott's Medley's 3/$5
   -(2)$1/1 Target HERE
(2)Gallons Milk $3.29
(1)Tostitos $3.99
(1)Publix Tortilla Chips $3.19
   -Free with Buy Theirs Get Ours Promotion
(2)Publix Soda 2/$1

-$5/$50 Publix Coupon, Redplum Homemailer

I know I only said I was going for candy, but  there I liked the buy theirs get ours and some of the produce. Then my husband told me while I was shopping that we needed more Cheerios, which of course I didn't have the better coupons for those, but since they had the yogurt peelies on them I figured I'd deal with paying a little more, and now I'll have enough Cheerios until they are on sale again. I also saw last night the sale on the burritos, and the BOGO coupon, and decided to get them since I hardly ever see them on sale or with a coupon and never both. So for what I got, I am pleased with the savings, especially since I did so well last week.

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