Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Uses for CDs

Does anyone else feel like CD's are becoming a thing of the past, especially with itunes, ipods, and all forms of digital media? Or maybe you still have CD's around that you just don't need (I'm talking about you AOL start-up CD!). Well, here is a list of clever things you can use those CD's for.

  • Dividers for receipts, statements, or mail. You could use them inside a bigger file, or get handy with some glue, wood, etc. and make your own organizer
  • Use them to trail behind a car for special events like weddings.
  • Glue one to a ruler for a impromptu fly swatter (I wonder if this would really work...)
  • Use them for wheels for a car craft (would be great for a monster tuck especially)
  • Make a shelving unit. Would take some handiwork, but definitely do-able.
  • Make a mobile for a baby. (Remember mobiles should be removed once a baby can push up on hands and knees)
  • Drink coasters
  • Use them to make desk tags for a classroom
  • Use them to make decorations for a technology class.
  • Use them to make door tags for a college dorm.
  • Christmas Ornaments
  • Modern Art
  • "Retro" Curtains
  • A light-switch cover
  • Use them to catch wax under a burning candle
I'm sure there's tons more ideas, and I would love for you to share any you know! Just leave a comment below and I will add it to the list!
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