Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Uses for a Ketchup Bottle (or any squeeze bottle)

When I look in my kitchen I am amazed how much stuff comes in squeeze bottles, the classic being the ketchup bottle (or catsup?). But there's also salad dressing, syrup, chocolate syrup, ice cream toppings, mustard, and sometimes even relish. I really like to try to reuse things as much as possible, just because I hate how much goes to waste, so here is a list of new uses for that squeeze bottle.

  • pancake batter dispenser. Fairly simple, fill it with batter and you can just squirt it. ( I recommend a funnel to get it in the bottle in the first place)
  • Cat Toy
  • Let your dogs play with it. (Ok my dogs love to play with anything made out of plastic, makes a fun crunchy noise for them)
  • Buy in bulk, and use it as a dispenser
  • Use it for arts and crafts, especially paint, glitter, beads.
  • Use it for a handy container for homemade salad dressing
  • Use it as a handy container for homemade cleaning supplies (dish soad, laundry detergent)
  • Use it as a dispenser for homemade masks, facials, lotions, etc.
  • Use it for frosting for cookies, cakes, etc. (I think this would be great for frosting cupcakes and cookies)
  • Use it as a turkey baster. (Now why couldn't I have thought of that one when I needed a turkey baster...)
  • Use it for anything that comes in a jar or non squeezable container that you want to be more user friendly. (I'm thinking like jelly, mayo, etc.)
  • Use to dispense cooking oil without it running down the side.
If all else fails, always remember to recycle! (You can recycle after many of the uses above too). As a side note, my family usually only accumulates one bag of trash a week, the rest is in the recycling! This definitely saves on buying garbage bags!

As always, if you have a handy use for squeeze bottles, share and I will add it to the list.
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