Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Uses for Baby Wipe Containers

This one is for anyone who has a baby or toddler out there! I know that I end up with tons of the wipe containers, which are really meant to be refilled with wipes. The problem is sometimes you get the ones in the container free with coupons, people give you those as gifts, or you just end up with a ton one way or another. They are actually quite versatile, so here is a handy list of ways you can re-purpose them .

  • Store bag dispenser. I have to admit I have a few for this purpose alone. One houses regular size bags, one the larger bags, and another smaller bags. They stack easily in a cabinet or on a shelf.
  • Make a first aid kit in the container. Every house, car, and boat should have a first aid kit, and these work well for making your own.
  • Make them into a treasure chest for a party favor.
  • Make them into a fun bank (especially good for the ones with the smaller slit).
  • Box for a present. You can easily wrap the container or if it's a baby shower a cute decorated container would be great to put another gift in.
  • Use as a dryer sheet dispenser.
  • Use them for storage. You can store craft supplies, office supplies, receipts, bills, pictures, etc. Just make sure you clean it first.
  • Use it to hold a sewing kit or just sewing supplies.
  • Use them to store old towels and rags for cleaning. (Keeps them out of site, and neatly organized).
  • Cut off the lids and use them as bins for small toys or other things you want to keep together (perhaps socks and the like). 
  • Cut off the lid and make bins for the changing table.
  • Storage bins for loose coupons until you file them. (Tearpads, hangtags, blinkies, peelies, etc.)
  • Recipe Box
  • Store puzzles in them if the box breaks or for a board game.
  • Store a shoe shining kit in it.
  • A box for your gym locker. You can stick deodorant, socks, hair bands, combs, etc. in it.
  • A place to store items for point programs. I'm thinking the bottle caps and card board for my coke rewards or box tops for box tops for education.
  • Crayon box. A great place for loose, broken, etc. crayons.
  • Lego Storage
  • Use them to organize gravy and sauce packages
  • If you have enough, they can be giant stacking blocks for kids.
  • Storage for all the free samples you request.
  • Storage for homemade cleaning wipes.
  • Remove the lid and drill a few holes in the bottom for container for gardening. These would be a great size for most herbs.
  • Use them as a mold for sand or snow bricks.
If all else fails, look into recycling. As always, let me know if you have any ideas, and I will add them to the list!

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  1. you can also use it as a valentine box for kids in school. the ones with the pop up lid works best. Just cut out the rubber flap inside the lid. cut out a heart shape out of construction paper and attach it to the pop up lid for a 3-d effect heart. Cover box with construction paper and decorate. Can be used over and over agin because the decoration never gets ruined by tearing it open..the lid pops right open so kids can enjoy thier valentines.