Thursday, September 23, 2010

Publix Trip 9/23/10

I spent $37.21 for $88.21 worth of groceries, saving $51 or 58%. But I will submit for a $5 G/C bringing it up to 63%.

You can see my original list HERE.

Publix Egg Noodles $1.47
Vanilla Extract $10.87 (I do a lot of baking...)
Beef for Stir Fry $2.85
   -$1 off wyb 1 A.1.
   -$1 off Winn-Dixie Catalina


Prices, Price Changes, and Coupon Changes:
A.1. BOGO $4.29 not $4.24 (but a MM after coupons)
Wishbone Dressing BOGO $2.89 not $2.65
Rosetto BOGO $3.99 not $2.39
(4)Gerber Snacks @ $2.99 ea
(2)Lil Entrees 2/$4
(10) Graduate Pick-ups 10/$10
(1)Graduates Meal 10/$10

Not my best trip ever, but still good especially with the $10 of vanilla extract. I wrestled with myself on buying the Gerber food, but in the end I decided to do it for a few reasons 1)my daughter likes them, 2) they make for an easy meal for her when it's a busy night, she won't eat what we're eating, or she is in a picky mood (which is surprisingly rare), and 3) they make for a good little food storage for her. In the end with the coupons, W/D catalina, and g/c it works out to be about $7 for all of it, so not bad.


  1. I think you did awesome! It may not have been a great percentage.. Or a normal percentage but you got some stock up stuff! Way to go!

  2. How do you get $10 offf vanilla extract? That is awesome! I wish I can find one so I can have genuine vanilla extrat,,,,,,. I always use the imitaion as I cannot afford the 'real' one!!

  3. I wish it was $10 off vanilla, but it was $10 of vanilla.

    I splurged on the real one, since I had been having such great savings lately.

  4. As always, thanks! It's true, some weeks will not be a great percentage, but I was still under my $40 weekly budget, so it worked out fine!

  5. If you know anyone vacationing in Mexico real vanilla is very cheap there and easy to bring back!