Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Water Storage- Great Resources

For more emergency preparation information, click here.

Below are some great websites for information on water storage with an explanation as to what they share. I hope you will check them out.

Food and Water in an Emergency(pdf)- This is a publication put out by FEMA. It has a lot of concise to the point information on water storage, as well as information on many other emergency prep items.

Calculator- A great calculator for food storage, I believe it is only doing a two week supply of water.

Basic Guidelines- Some basic guidelines for water storage.

EPA- EPA's FAQ on all things water. You can search it for all sorts of info such as emergency water treatment and sources.

Emergency Essentials- One of many sites that sells commercial water storage equipment. You can find containers that are specifically made for long term water storage.

I will bookmark these in my favorite websites tab for future use. Hopefully you will find some use in them!
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