Thursday, August 26, 2010

Publix Trip 8/26/10

I spent $77.25 for $192.27 worth of groceries, saving $115.02 or 60%. I will submit for a $10 MIR bringing it to 65%.

See my original list here.
(1) Additional Olay Regenerist $4.49
     -(1) $5/1 from $100 of Savings P&G Book
(3)Dr. Pepper
     -B2G1 Publix Coupon Yellow Advantage Buy (Exp. 8/27)
     -(2) $1/1 Target Printable HERE (It's an ad on the page, I found it in Zip 90210)
(1)Venus Breeze $9.99
     -(1)$2/1 from 8/1/10 P&G
     -(1)$5/1 wyb Cartridges Target from paper
     -$10 wyb $30 MIR
(1)Venus Cartridges $17.99
     -(1)$3/1 from 8/1/10 P&G 
     -$10 wyb $30 MIR
(1)Satin Care $2.69
     -Free wyb Venus Razor Store Promotion
(1)Olay Quench Lotion $5.39
     -Free wyb Venus Cartridges from 8/1/10 P&G 
     -$10 wyb $30 MIR
(1)Olay Body Wash $5.99
     -Free wyb Venus Cartridges from 8/1/10 P&G
     -$10 wyb $30 MIR
(1)Tostitos $3.99
     -Free wyb 3 Pepsi Products
(2)Additional Puppy Chow $9.99
     -(2)$1/1 Printable (not sure where from)
     -$5/$25 Pet Purchase Petco coupon


Prices, price changes, and coupon changes:
(2)Bread $1.59
Publix Baby Wipes $1.89
Publix Disinfecting Wipes $2.39
Ziploc Containers $2.99
Juicy Juice Fun Size $2.15
(1)Free Bananas up to 55¢ wyb Nilla Wafers (I found another one at my store, yay!)

-$5/$25 Save-a-lot coupon

Obviously not my best totals ever, but I paid $6.75 in tax because most of my stuff was taxed this trip. I used a different cashier this week (my normal was working the express lane) and she took overages and entered in the highest amount on free item coupons. The main manager wasn't in today, so I couldn't ask about the overages. I was excited about my cheap dog food and laundry products, but I think I'm most excited about the Venus/Olay deal. Here is how it breaks down:
(1)Venus Embrace $9.99
(1) 6pk Cartridges $17.99
(2)Olay Regenerist @ $4.49 each
(1)Olay Lotion $5.39
(1)Olay Body Wash $5.99
(1)Satin Care Shave Gel $2.69 (Free wyb Razor)
Total: $48.34

(1)$2/1 Razor
(1)$5/1 wyb cartridges Target
(1)$3/1 Cartridges
(1)Free Lotion wyb Cartridges
(1)Free Body Wash wyb Cartridges (some stores may only let you use one or the other, mine let me use both)
(2)$5/1 Regenerist
(1)$1/1 Regenerist Target
$48.34- $32.38= $15.96

Submit for $10 wyb $30 of products MIR (pdf)= $5.96

Pretty good for all the stuff you get!


  1. You did awesome!!!! For everything in your list that price was amazing!

    Also in case you did not know or did not use it.. Because you bought 2 Nilla wafers.. You could use 2 of the free 1lb Bananas when you buy 1 nilla wafers, up to $.55... Usually the bananas are always 2lbs to 3lbs... So you can use 2 of those peelies.. I asked my manager at Publix and she said Yes that is the way the coupon reads... So I was able to get $1.10 off my 3lb Bananas.

    I hope I made sense lol.

  2. You made sense.

    I actually did just that, I just forgot to add it on here. I sometimes forget when I add coupons to add them here. There were certainly plenty of those peelies at my store.