Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Uses for Milk Jugs

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I love finding uses for recyclable things other than recycling. Here are some great uses for milk jugs.

  • Cut the top off and use it as a scoop
  • Use the top as a funnel (especially great for things you don't want in your kitchen funnels, like motor oil).
  • Cut the top off and use as a container to plant in
  • Make a watering can for flowers. (Your kids can even decorate the outside to make it look pretty)
  • Use it to organize craft supplies (or anything really). Depending on what you are storing, you may choose to cut off the tops or leave the bottle intact.
  • Make a bird house.
  • Use it to collect rainwater, which you can use to water your garden.
  • Cut off the top below the handle and you have a handy scooper.
  • Cut off the top below the handle and you have great container with a handle to pour paint into. This is especially useful for trim work or cutting in.
  • Use them as banks for children (or for a vacation fund, loose change, etc.). Your kids can decorate it for the occasion. Just cut a slit to fit the money through. I especially love THIS milk jug piggy bank.
  • Cut pieces of plastic into large triangles to use as plant markers for the garden.
  • Use jugs filled with water to weigh down. This could be useful for holding down something you are trying to glue or to get a rolled up poster to lay flat.
  • Poke holes in the bottom and cut off the top and use it to rinse fruit and veggies in.
  • Cut the bottom off to use as a plant saucer.
  • Use it as a dust pan. Just cut at an angle, and be sure to leave a flat side.
  • Make a bailer for a boat by cutting the bottom off.
  • Hand Weights. 1 Gallon= about 8 lbs.
  • Maracas for kids. Fill with beans or beads, and you have a fun instrument.
  • Hornet Trap.
  • Fill with water or sand and place into the tank of the toilet to cut down on the amount of water per flush. (A half-gallon would probably be best for this purpose).
Do you have a great use for a milk jug? Feel free to share below and I will add it to the list!
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