Thursday, August 19, 2010

Frugality- Stockpiling

If you follow my blog, you may have noticed me talk about food storage before. I realized that what some call stockpiling I call food storage, it's the same concept really. Below I will outline what is and isn't stockpiling, as well as why some people get backlash for doing it.

What is stockpiling?

  • A supply of what your family needs for a specific period of time. This period of time could be a year, until it goes on sale again, or the amount you can use before something expires.
  • Buying large quantities of something at it's lowest point, so that you never have to pay full price.
  • Preparing for a rainy day buy knowing you always have the necessities for your family on hand.
  • Using what you bought!
  • Having a source to help out others in need.
What is not stockpiling?
  • Buying large amounts of things just because "it's a great deal!" even though you already have 100 of them.
  • Buying large amounts of things that you will end up throwing away without using because they will expire.
  • Buying large amounts of things that you have no purpose for. (For example, buying a bunch of cat food because it is a money maker when you don't have a cat.)
  • *The great exception to the above is if you are donating it all, which is definitely ok in my book. (But don't be surprised if people question your generosity if you got the rest of your groceries for free by buying these "donations")
Why do stockpilers get backlash?
A lot of stockpilers get backlash for what they do. I think this is just like everything in couponing, a few bad apples spoil it for the whole bunch. Here is a list of reasons why I we sometimes get backlash for what we do:
  • Shelf-clearing- Whether the person special ordered the item or not, the perception is that the person cleared the shelf. Also, even if you special ordered you can cause a backlog of clear shelfs because the warehouse fills the special order before the store orders. 
  • Buying 50 just for overages- Plain and simple I think this puts a bad taste in many peoples mouths. I occasionally buy something solely for the overages, but it's usually only one or two. But then I see others buy 100 of something really useless (like phazyme, ecotrin, vivarin) resulting in $50 of overage, so they can buy their other groceries cheap. It's worse when they buy something they don't need (like cat food or vitamins), but yet is something you do need and you can't seem to get it. So basically what is your intent of buying 50 of something? To prepare for your family or to get overages? It will probably answer the question of why you get backlash.
  • Buying risky coupons- This may make the store upset, especially if you buy printables because the risk of fraud greatly goes up. You also risk backlash from fellow couponers if you end up with 20 tearpads/peelies/blinkies/booklets because a lot of people believe someone "took" all of the coupons from their store. If you buy these types of coupons, you encourage people to steal all of these types of coupons to make a profit. 
  • Selling the items- This one really bugs me. I was at the Fleamarket this weekend (mmm fresh produce!) and saw a person with a stand called "Half-off Retail." I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that everything there I knew was dirt cheap, free, or a money maker in the past few months. I saw Kraft Sandwich Shop Mayo, Sundown Vitamins, Windex, Bic Razors, etc. I'm certain a lot of people would give backlash to this.
  • Being "greedy"- Basically not helping others when you have the means to. 
  • Being a "hoarder," crazy, dooms-dayer, etc- Some people just see stockpilers as crazy. Don't take it personally! Some just don't get it, or can't see a need in having as much of something as you do. Try to teach them or just don't talk about it.
  • Here's a good article that I think show how stockpiling can go wrong.

Hopefully this sheds a little light into the world of stockpiling. Join me next week for more frugal tips.


  1. I have to agree all but 1.. well sort of! I buy coupons from clipping sites. I do not however purchase IP because 1. I never thought about it lol and 2. Frauds out there that want to take advantage of people. But I see no wrong in buying extra coupons that we get from the newspaper. It is the same thing as if I went and bought that many newspapers just to get the amount I want to purchase item I want. BUT I do however shop at different stores to make sure I do not clear the shelves for others. And I think Donating is a must! Like recently I bought 30 Right guard Deo when it was BOGO, I went 2 3 different stores to get them.. Do I need that many? NO, But my mother and I got 5 each and we donated the rest to 2 different places. I think us *Couponers* NEED and SHOULD donate things especially since we are getting these things for such low prices to Free! It is so important to give back. Thank you for this post!! I hope you do not mind me sharing it on my blog.

  2. I don't buy coupons, but I don't pass judgement if others do. But I do think buying otherwise free coupons like tearpads, blinkies, peelies, and booklets may cause some people to essentially take the whole pile to make a profit.

    If I bought coupons I wouldn't buy those types or printables because I would have no idea if the person just stuck them on a copier and then sent them to me.

    I totally meant to mention donating in there, and some how forgot! Yes donating is a must! Let me go edit that right now.

    Feel free to share!

  3. I loved the article! Found it through Olenka's site. It's SO true what you said about others seeing you as crazy! They just don't get it - poor things. They think its SUCH a WASTE of time. I have learned to just not talk about it. If they find OUT I coupon, I will teach them. I don't take it personally, I actually feel sorry for them lol! I have to repent sometimes for thinking how stupid they must be.......forgive me Father!

  4. That is so true!! Honestly I did not even know you could purchase those (tearpads and such) Maybe that is why I can never find them in my store...I felt soo lucky when I found the Publix Ragu coupons, I felt like I just won the lottery lol

    Thank you I did!! 8)

  5. Btw, what is your blog? I'd love to stop by and check it out.

  6. I know many people think everything to do with coupons and stockpiling to be crazy or a waste of time. Because I have my coupons fairly organized I only spend a couple of hours a week getting ready to go shopping. A lot of times I do it while watching my favorite tv shows.

    And I know pretty well the value of having a stockpile in all things in life (food, toiletries, water, and money). While some people may think we are crazy, I know that I have one less thing to worry about in life. If someone else wants to pay hundreds of dollars (or even thousands!) a month to eat because couponing takes to much time, then they can do that. I'd rather spend my money on fun things. :-)

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