Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Clever Tricks for Painting

I know I have mostly been doing new uses, but I figured it was time for some clever tricks! Currently, my husband I are painting our house. We bought our house as a foreclosure, and so the walls are just not my kind of colors. They are various shades of orange and yellow, and two rooms are dark blue. Here's some pictures, so you can see.

So here are the tricks:

  • Freeze your brushes, rollers, and trays instead of washing them every time!We can only paint when our toddler is asleep. So obviously we usually cannot get both coats on without a pretty good chunk of time in between them. Between coats we freeze the whole tray with brushes and rollers in our chest freezer. You just wrap them up in a plastic bag, and thaw about an hour before you paint again. It works great!
  • Use an old margarine or tupperware container, or a milk jug for edging in.Don't pay for one of these things at the store (which cost easily $10), just use something you don't care about. It gives you a small container to hold instead of the big can, and you can toss it when done.
  • Use a rubber band to wipe your brush on.Wrap it around the can or container so it sits in the middle of the opening, and use it to wipe your brush! No more drips down the side of the can.
  • Write the paint brand, color, etc. on the back of the light switch plate. This way you can't lose the paint information. Sometimes we end up throwing the cans away or losing the paint chip. If you put it on the switch plate, it will always be there for you to get should you need it. It's also out of site and not cluttering any room up.

I've been learning a lot about painting, so do not be surprised if we get more of these in the future! Feel free to share any tips you know as well!

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