Thursday, August 12, 2010

Publix Trip 8/12/10

I spent $27.43 for $134.19 worth of groceries, saving $106.76 or 80%. But I will submit for the $5 Kellogg's Gift Card which makes my savings 83%.

(Not pictured 1 Reach Floss and 1 Publix Deli Drink)

Check out my original list here.

(1) Reach Floss $1.49
    -$1/1 Internet Printable (Not sure which site it's from)
    -$1/1 Publix Coupon $15 of Savings Sheet
(1) Publix Deli Soda $1.19
(2) Composition Books 2/$1
     (Applied the $2 off School Supplies to it)
(1) Additional Papermate Pens 2/$1
     -(1) 50¢/1 HERE
(1) Sirloin Tip Steak $2.07
(1)Zephyrhill's 6-pk 2/$4
     -$1 wyb 2 boxes of Cheez-it

(2) Toufayan Pita Wraps because it was bagels on sale
(3)Dr. Pepper because it was coke products at my store
(1)Tostitos for the same reason as above
(4)Sundown Vitamin D because they were out
(1) Stayfree because I did not get the BOGO coupon in my paper (but the pack I got was a bonus pack)
Milk because it wasn't on sale at my store either :-(

Prices, Price Changes, and Coupon Changes:
(2)Busy Bone 2/$7 (free after coupons!)
(2) Ocean Spray Fruit and Veggie BOGO $3.99 not $3.25 (I asked about this one and they said it was included, but then it rang up wrong... but they gave it to me for BOGO anyway... so I would ask)
     -$1/1 Peelie Found on Bottle
(4) Del Monte BOGO $2.45 not $2.75 (I was able to use the Target q's I only had two though because my husband's computer has bit the dust )
(2)Kraft Mac and Cheese BOGO $1.29 not $1.19 (but with my free item coupon both were free!)
(2) Kellogg's Mini Wheats BOGO $4.19 not $3.89
(2)Cheez-it BOGO $3.99 not $3.29
(1)Broccoli 2/$4
(1) Fruit Salad $2.84

-$5/$25 Purchase Save-a-lot Coupon

I had my favorite cashier this week except she changed the way she rings up her coupons this week (she matched coupons to items as she went), so it took a little longer.

For fun here's a list of free items I got:
-Stayfree 32 ct Bonus Pack
-Reach Dental Floss + overage
-(2) Lunchables + overage
-(2)Kraft Mac and Cheese
-(1)Store Brand Soda +overage
-(2) Beggin Strips
-(2)Busy Bones
-(2)Smart Taste Ronzoni +overage
-(2) Packs Papermate Pens
-(2) Pack Bic Mechanical Pencils
-(3)Spiral Notebooks
-(2)Composition Books
-(2)Ocean Spray Fruit and Veggie (The cashier asked and they took both the $2 off wyb Frosted Mini Wheats and the 2 $1/1 Peelies since one was from Kellogg's and the other Ocean Spray)