Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Shopping list

After the great sales the past few weeks, the ad for Publix this week is pretty slim, so I only need a few things.
 Blue=Manufacturer's Coupon
Green= Publix Coupon
Purple= Competitor Coupon 
Here's what I'm buying:
(2) Mott's Medley's BOGO $2.99
    - (2) $1 Mott's Medley's from Publix Summer Savings Booklet
(2)Original Cheerios BOGO $3.99
    - $1/2 from Shrektacular savings book
(2)Multigrain Cheerios BOGO $3.99
    - $1/2 from Shrektacular savings book
(2)Fig Newtons BOGO $3.89
    - Free Nabisco cookies wyb 1 nabisco cookie product, 1 gallon of milk, and 1 other size milk internet print from facebook. (promotion over)
(2) Atheno's Hummus $2.99
   -BOGO from Facebook page (promotion ended)
   -$1/1 peelie
(1) Gallon Whole Milk $3.10
(1)Gallon 1% Milk $3.10
(1)Benefiber sticks $2.69
    -$2/1 found here 
    -$2/1 Benefiber product found in Green Advantage Buy Flyer (exp. 6/11)
(1)Tropicana OJ $3?
    -Free product from juicy rewards program (promotion over) 
Other coupons:
$5 off $25 purchase Save-a-lot coupon

I'm also looking to price check a few things, while there and if they are a good deal I will purchase them.
They are:
Beggin Strips (25 oz)
  -$3/1 Publix summer savings booklet
  -$2.50/1 Publix Savings for All Seasons booklet (from last summer)
 I'm thinking these will make for cheap treats possibly. 
Pantene Pro-v (There were some in clearance last week, and I got an awesome coupon in the mail this week)
  -$2/2 Pantene Products
If I remember correctly from last week they were priced around $1.50 for each product, so this may make for some cheap shampoo. 

I'm not sure if this is the final list yet, as I'm still deciding on a few things, but to see the full ad with match-ups head over to iheartpublix to see it or southernsavers.
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