Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Uses for Clear Nail Polish

This week I am going to focus on the ever handy clear nail polish. Not only is it great for nails, but here is a list of other clever uses.
  • Stopping a run in panty hose
  • Keeping tiny screw in place, such as those on your eye glasses
  • Securing a button in place (just a little over the center to keep the thread in place)
  • Avoiding rust stains in the bathroom. Who hates when the shaving cream can leaves a ring on the side of the tub? The solution is to paint the bottom to keep it from rusting!
  • Sealing an envelope. Did the glue not stick? Don't want to cover it with tape? Use clear nail polish!
  • Extending the life of costume jewelry. Ever gotten that green ring on your finger (or on your ears). Give the jewelry a coat of clear nail polish and voila.
  • Keeping labels readable. Ever had the labels on medicine or toiletries get smudged and unreadable. Give it a coat of clear nail polish.
  • Prevent rusting screws (on the toilet seat or other water prone areas)
  • Closing holes on a shaker. Does the shaker give too much salt, or are you trying to cut back? Paint some of the holes shut.
  • Keep laces from unraveling
  • Threading a needle. Drag the cut end through the brush of the nail polish.
  • Keeping frayed fabric or ribbon from fraying more.
  • Filling small knicks on the floors or glass
  • Resetting a loose jewelry stone
  • Keeping chipped car paint from rusting
  • Keeping the hole in the screen from getting large (same concept as runs in the panty hose)
If you have any ideas for clear nail polish, comment and I will add them to the list!
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