Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Intro to Storing Water

For more about food storage and emergency prep, click here.

Why do I need to store water?
One of the most often forgotten aspects of food storage is the storage of water. We as humans need water to survive. There are several reasons why you may need access to water storage. One example is when a water source becomes contaminated, this often happens in an area after a natural disaster. 

How much water do I need?
Minimum storage guidelines are one gallon per person per day. This guideline is just for cooking and drinking, it doesn't include other uses such as personal hygiene and sanitation needs. It also doesn't account for special needs such as nursing or pregnant mothers, infants who need formula, etc.

Where will I store that much water? 
Just like with food storage there are shorter and longer term water storage ideas. However, with water storage you can also find water in surprising places for hygiene and sanitation needs. It's also not just storing water, but learning how to purify water for usage. Also, like food storage, you can get creative in your storage methods.

I have no idea how to do any of those things, what should I do?
Keep checking back here as I continue in this series on storing water. We'll look at bottling water for drinking, accessing water for hygiene and sanitation, purifying water, and proper storage of water. So please check back to learn all about it. It's surprisingly easy. For now, make sure you have enough water in your 72 hour kit.
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