Friday, June 4, 2010


I love Redbox, and here is why. It costs $1 plus tax per day to rent a movie. If there is a movie just coming out you can go online and reserve it. And my favorite part is all the free codes they send out!
Head on over to Redbox and sign-up for their email, and they will send you a code for a free movie as well as occasional codes from now on*. Also, you can sign up for their monthly text, which you will get a code on the first Monday of the month.

On top of that here are two codes that should work for you, and you can use them once per a person. You will also need a credit card to rent a movie.



Also, as an added benefit many redbox locations are starting to sell their old dvds for around $7.

Happy Movie Watching!

*I would suggest creating an email account solely for signing up for various promotions/newsletters that way your personal email won't be swamped with offers.
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