Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A fun website I found.

So I was reading Real Simple magazine (my favorite magazine) the other day, and they had a review of a pretty awesome website. It's called Quizzle and it is by the makers of Quicken Loans.
So why do I like it?
  • Free credit report every 6 months from Experian
  • Free credit score every 6 months
  • Money Tools and calculators
  • Did I mention it's free?
I looked into it, and the main reason it is free is because they have lots of little services you can pay for (credit monitoring, identity protection, credit boot camp, extra score reports, etc.), but you don't have to buy any of it. It's not a free trial, and you don't enter in your credit card information.

So go check it out!
*Remember you can always request your free annual report from each of the three major bureaus HERE.*
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