Thursday, November 18, 2010

Saving Money on Babies and Toddlers: Clothes

Children go through clothing a lot, especially babies and toddlers. This can cost a ton of money, but there are ways to make the damage minimal.
  • Coupons. I feel like a broken record, but coupons exist for everything. I remember using coupons from Gerber to buy onesies. There are of course coupons for stores like Carter's, the Children's Place, etc. There have also been coupons for Target that were money off Circo clothing. Moral of the story, it's always worth it to look for a coupon.
  • Sales. There are always sales on baby/toddler clothing. Buy what's on sale.
  • Clearance. A great way to buy clothes is to shop the clearance section. This is especially great if you shop ahead, meaning you shop for future months and years. In my area, I love it because they put the fall stuff on clearance to move in the winter stuff, but I live in South Florida, so the fall stuff is usually adequate.
  • Skip the Name Brand. Unless you can get that Baby Gap outfit super cheap (or someone gives it to you), it's probably not worth it. Children grow quick, and they are messy. Spend less money, and you won't have to be upset if they spit-up all over it.
  • Consignment. I love children's consignment stores/sales. It may be used, but at good stores/sales they make sure they aren't soiled or worn-out. It's worth it for the steep discounts you can get on nice clothes. Also, you can sell clothes as well to make money.
  • Hand-me Downs. There's nothing wrong with accepting clothes from someone whose kid outgrew them, especially for babies/toddlers.
  • Trade. Trade clothes with a fellow mom. Maybe you just had a boy, but had saved your daughters clothes, trade with another Mom who might be in the opposite situation. If you want to still have them afterwards, make sure your name is in them. This is an especially great idea for special occasion type wear.
  • Other Venues. Goodwill, garage sales, etc. are often good places to find clothes for your little one. It's worth a look.
If you have an idea that I have overlooked, please share in the comments!
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