Sunday, November 7, 2010


I've decided to participate in NaBloPoMo this month, which is National Blog Posting Month.

My month will be a "Month of Money Saving Tips." Each day for the entire month of November, I will give you a quick tip to help you save money!

Tip 7- Kick addictions to the curb. Addictions of any kind cost money, most certainly if they are tobacco, drugs, or alcohol. But there are other kinds of addictions as well like coffee, soda, and chocolate. Or movies, fast food, and itunes downloads. When you have an addiction to something you are more willing to pay any price for it because when it runs out you have to have it. Some addictions should be cut entirely for your health (smoking, drugs, and alcohol), and others should be cut back if not cut out entirely. Have you ever noticed that some things that used to be the occasional treat are now a daily must-have? Just cut-it back or get rid of it.
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