Thursday, November 4, 2010

Frugality- Coupon Sources

I don't think a week goes buy where someone doesn't ask me where I get my coupons from. I know I've touched on this before, but I figured a little refresher doesn't hurt.

Redplum- Generally found in the Sunday Paper. Abbreviated RP.
Smart Source- Generally found in the Sunday Papper. Abbreviated SS.
Proctor and Gamble- Found in Sunday Paper usually once a month. Abbreviated PG
General Mills-Found in Sunday Paper occasionally. Abbreviated GM
Parade/USA Today Weekend- Occasionally there are coupons in this Sunday insert.
Other- Be sure to check other ads and sections of the paper as well, you never know where there might be a $X/$XX coupon or a competitor coupon. Sometimes I even find manufacturer's hidden in the paper.

Online Printable coupons. You can generally only print two. New ones available all the time.
Redplum- Another source of printable coupons. Again you can print two, and new ones are available all the time. (Also, these are often different coupons then the newspaper version.
Smartsource- Yet another printable coupon site. Similar to both Coupons and Redplum
Cooking with Kraft- Source of printable Kraft Coupons for Publix. Many are store coupons, but some are manufacturer.
Target- Target offers printable coupons on their website. There are Target store coupons and manufacturer's. Unfortunately it can be hard to tell before you print them.
Right at Home- Source of printable SC Johnson coupons.
Tablespoon- Source of many General Mills Coupons
Snackpicks- Source of many Keebler and Sunshine snack coupons.
Company Websites-  Many companies have coupons on their websites. Kellogg's and Betty Crocker are just a couple of many companies that host coupons. 
Product Websites- Check the website of the product you want to buy. Look for words like coupons, offers, or promotions. Sometimes its a picture on the front page. (Don't know the website, just use a search engine).
Newsletters- Sign-up for emails from companies and you may be rewarded with a coupon.
Facebook- More and more companies are using Facebook to give away some pretty great coupons. If you really like a product, go "like" them on Facebook (or at least check their product page). And while you are there go "like" Frugal and Provident.
Mambo Sprouts- Great source of organic coupons.

In Your Mail
Redplum- Redplum sends out a mailer in the middle of the week in some areas. Sometimes it includes store or manufacturer's coupons. Many people mistakingly throw it away.
Homemailers- Many of these will come from signing-up with a website, but sometimes stores/companies will just send them out at random.
Free Samples- When you request a free sample from a company, it may contain a coupon (often high-value). So request those samples when you see them.
Magazines- Some of the magazines you receive have coupons in them. Subscribe to All You and it will definitely have coupons in it. Or check out Nicole's Nickels for a list of coupons in many popular magazines.
Publix Subscription Clubs- Publix offers quite a few subscription magazines and clubs that offer fabulous coupons. If you have a baby, you should definitely sign-up for their Baby Club.
Other- Check with other stores in your area and see if they have a direct mailing list or subscription club. You never know. I know BJ's and Costco send out coupons. Winn-Dixie also has a baby club.

In Your Store
Store-Ad- The store ad sometimes contains coupons.
Booklets- Be on the look-out for booklets throughout the store. They can be in a turn-style at the front, a big display, a little box on the shelf, or even at the customer service desk. These booklets can contain store and/or manufacturer's coupons. 
Blinkies- You will find these in little machines with a blinking light on it. They are most often found in front of the product they are for.
Tearpads- Little tearpads of coupons. Can be located in front of the product, on a display, in the turn-style, or in front of a related product. Keep your eyes out for them.
Peelies- These are found on the product (or a related product). You (or the cashier, make sure to read the  front first) peel them off to use them. 
Hangtags- A coupon hanging from the product. These are most often found on bottles or jars.
Catalinas- Coupons that print with your receipt. Not found at Publix, but they are found at Winn-Dixie and Target.
Other- Sometimes you will find coupons at your store that are "loose." Maybe they were part of a sample or demonstration. Sometimes there are just a stack of coupons in the turn-style. Always keep your eyes peeled for coupons.

Inside Products- You never know what may be inside a product you will buy. Sometimes there are coupon books or coupons for that product. I've gotten a lot of good coupons that way.
Mail In Promotions- Some companies will reward you for buying their products by mail in rebates for high-value coupons.
Coupon Fairies- That's when you find a coupon for a product that someone has left on the shelf/product.
Trading/Buying- There are many sites out there devoted to selling/trading coupons.
Other- I never cease to be amazed where I might get a coupon from. I have been to symphony orchestra concerts and seen $X/$XX coupons in the program. You might receive coupons for participating in a marathon or community event. You can win coupons through giveaways. You can contact companies and request a coupon. They can be hidden in papers, junk mail, and bills. Sometimes your insurance company offers them. You might get them from a doctor or hospital. You really just never know.

I hope this is helpful for those of you out there. One thing to keep in mind is just because a coupon isn't listed in the match-ups or in a coupon database, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Those things depend on submissions from it's users. Companies want your business, so you never know where a coupon may show up.

Happy Couponing!
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