Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How Do I Use It? Pasta Part IV: Special Concerns

There aren't a ton of concerns for pasta, but there are a few.

Allergies- There are a large number of people who are either allergic to wheat flour or suffer from Celiac disease. Obviously if someone in your family has these issues, pasta is not a great option for food storage. 

Water- I feel like a broken record on this one, but it's true. However, one advantage to pasta is theoretically you could use the water that the pasta was cooked in to cook other foods. Unlike beans and/or rice where the water is either absorbed by the food or must be tossed after soaking, the water is still there and usable. You could cook dehydrated veggies or use in other ways. 

Cooking Source- Again I feel like a broken record, but you need to be able to cook the pasta. (Well I guess you could eat it uncooked if you were desperate...)

Wheat Pasta- I love wheat pasta, but for long term storage it would be better to pick the white kind. Wheat products can go rancid a lot quicker. The only wheat the can be stored for long term is the hard cracked kind (the stuff you need a wheat grinder for). However feel free to choose wheat for short term storage.

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  1. Cool thing about pasta: You don't absolutely need a heat source to cook it. If you leave it in a pot of water long enough, it will soften. Not as good as boiled, but still edible in case of an emergency.