Tuesday, July 20, 2010

New Uses for Phone Books

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Ok let's be honest here, most of us get at least one phone book yet most of do not use them even once. So here is a list of things you can do with a phone book.

  • Store one in your car in case you need to look up the phone number of a business. (For those of us who don't have iphones or internet on their phone)
  • Art projects for kids. They can cut out pictures, etc for all sorts of things.
  • Use them to help your kids learn skills like finding something alphabetically or by category.
  • Impromptu booster seat.
  • Permanent booster seat. Get crafty and cover it with some fabric and batting, and voila booster seat.
  • This one is cool. Turn it into a pen organizer! 
  • Use them as a trivet under a hot pot.
  • Fire starter for camp fires.
  • Use it as a door stop
  • Rip it up and make it into packing material.
  • Use them to press flowers
  • Use it as a kneeling pad in the garden
  • Make a book to hide things in.
  • Use the pages to make paper airplanes or origami
  • Use them to prop up pictures, decorative dishes, etc. on really high up shelves (this may be a good idea for some of the plant shelves in my house...)
  • Opt-out of getting them in the first place. Call the companies that send them to you and ask if you can opt-out. Some will and some won't.
  • Recycle. This used to be tricky, but now a lot of places to allow you to recycle them. Check with your local recycling company to know for certain. (The reason some do not allow you to recycle them is because of how thick they are. All places can recycle them if you can make them smaller by cutting or ripping them.)
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