Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New Uses for Newspaper

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If you are couponing (and there are many reasons you should be!), you probably have some newspaper around. Check out this list for some interesting uses for newspaper.
  • Papier-mâché crafts
  • Other crafts such as paper dolls, hats, and boats.
  • Crumple it up or shred it to use as packing material
  • Donate to a local animal shelter.
  • Make a fire-starting kit for camping, fireplaces, or fire pits.
  • Prep your garden bed.
  • Use the comic section to wrap gifts (or the sports section for the sports fanatic).
  • Spread it on the floor or table for craft time.
  • Patch a hole. For small holes in dry wall, use it as a backer for joint compound.
  • Animal bedding
  • Use it to get your stuck car out of the mud, snow, etc. Stick a big section under the wheel, and you should be out in no time.
  • Wad it up in smelly shoes to absorb odors. (This also works for containers, trunks, drawers, and suitcases.)
  • Use it to germinate seeds. Stick seeds between two sections of damp newspaper in a warm place.
  • Composting
  • Soften a tomato by wrapping it in newspaper
  • Make shift funnel for beads, nails, and other small objects.
  • Crumple it up and clean your windows.
  • Line your vegetable drawer to keep it dry and free of smells
  • Make paper from newspaper. Simply tear it up, soak it in warm water until it becomes pulp, then spread on an old window screen covered with a piece of fabric. When it dries, voila! card stock.
  • Use it to stuff shoes and purses to help them retain shape.
  • Reading. Duh! Newspapers are a great source for reading. They have current events, gardening tips, puzzles, editorials, etc. They can be a great tool for teaching children about different forms of writing as well.
  • Use it as a prompt for a story, poem, or song. You could also use it as a game to pick the first line of an article and tell a story using it.
  • Cut out photos to make a picture book for a kid. (My grandfather cuts out the pictures of animals and puts them into a photo album.)
  • Emergency dust pan.
  • Use it to remove spider and cob webs by rolling it up and swishing it around to collect the web.
  • Make it into clothing. 
  • If all else fails, please recycle!
Do you have any uses for newspaper? Comment below and I will add them to the list.
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