Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Where to Buy Emergency Preparedness Items

Sometimes what stops us from having our emergency supplies is we just do not know where to buy it. Here's a helpful list of places you can buy some emergency supplies (and certainly isn't a comprehensive list).
  • The grocery store- great place for food items, first aid supplies, etc.
  • One-stop-stores- Like Walmart and Target are good for food, first aid, and some other supplies that can usually be found in the outdoor section.
  • Warehouse clubs- This can be a great place to buy large amounts of food storage items such as flour, rice, nonfat dry milk, etc.
  • Camping Supply Stores- Camping stores like Bass Pro Shop, can be a great source of many emergency prep items, including more speciality items like various emergency cooking supplies, sanitary supplies, sleeping bags, etc.
  • Amazon- You can buy pretty much anything on Amazon. Water storage, food storage, grain mills, etc. etc. is all found on Amazon.
  • Online Speciality Stores- Some of these include Emergency Essentials and Shelf Reliance. These companies specialize specifically in emergency prep, and carry anything you can think of.
This is just a small list of places you can go for your emergency preparedness supplies. If you have any recommendations, please share them below and I will add them.

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  1. Being prepared for emergency can always save lives. It's important to buy supplies in advance. First aid kits, food, and clean water should come first in the list. It's better to be prepared than sorry.