Thursday, June 9, 2011

Saving Money on Pets

I'm a pet-lover, but pets can be expensive. Here are some ways to save money on your pets needs.
  • Coupons.* There are tons of pet coupons out there. Don't be afraid to contact a company to request coupons.
  • Sales. They happen all the time... Use a coupon with the sale for better savings.
  • Plan ahead and stockpile. Dog food and cat litter don't follow the same pattern as most sale items, and usually you only buy one brand because well it can cause stomach problems or your dog/cat doesn't like it. When there is a really good sale, stock-up on as much as you can to make it to the next sale. Avoid getting to the bottom of the bag and having to pay full-retail. I seriously have 6 big bags of dog food and several boxes of treats stockpiled, as well as a big bag of cat food and several bags of litter.
  • Make your own treats. There are tons of simple recipes out there, usually consisting of flour and peanut butter and a few other ingredients. If you can't score a good deal on treats, consider making your own.
  • Ask for discounts. I know it sounds silly, but vets have a lot of lead way on their prices.
  • Ask for cheaper alternatives. There are generics and sometimes even human otc work for animal conditions. Sometimes a treatment isn't always necessary.
  • Check-out online pharmacies like They have always been cheaper than the vet for me.
  • Consider the human pharmacy for some drugs. My beagle has epilepsy, and the drug she takes is also available for humans. I could pay $100 for a 6 month supply at the vet or I can pay $11 at Walgreen's. (On a side note, this works when you see a dentist, and they prescribe medicines or mouth rinses, our dentist wanted to charge $50 for a mouth rinse, and we got it at Walgreen's for around $10. It never hurts to call around.)
  • Check into local animal shelters, some offer low cost care and free spay/neutering.
  • Do it yourself. Many dogs don't require expensive grooming. Many dogs would prefer a bath with you then a complete stranger. Same goes for nail trimming. If it's not a show dog, there is no harm in trimming your own dog.
  • Ask for specials. This goes for grooming and boarding.
  • Call around.
  • Look for clearance and sales on toys, bedding, leashes, washes, etc.
  • Try craigslist for dog crates, cat towers, etc.
  • Realize most animals would be happy with used blankets, balls, and you.
  • Be creative. Honestly my cats bed is a box that those snack size chips come in. She just climbed into it when it was sitting on the floor, and it became her bed. We just put an old towel in it. My one dog sleeps in an old comforter.  My other dog like to play with empty water/soda bottles.
*A great blog for all sales and coupons related to pets is My Pet Savings. They update often with coupons and sales for all sorts of retailers, online or brick and mortar. She covers all kinds of pets as well. If you have a pet, it's definitely worth it to follow that blog.


  1. Great article! Thanks so much for mentioning My Pet Savings, I really appreciate it! Have a great weekend. :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by! I love your blog, it's saved me a bunch on my three pets.