Thursday, May 26, 2011

Publix Trip 5/26/11

I spent $20.21 for $93.36 worth of groceries, saving $73.15 or 78%!

Here's the match-ups:
(6) Crystal Light BOGO $3.91
   -(2) B2G1 Coupon from 4/3/11 SS
   -(4)$1/1 HERE
   -(1)$1/3 Target HERE

(2) Breyer's Ice Cream BOGO $5.99
   -(1)$1.50/2 Target HERE
   -(1)$1.50/2 Facebook promotion HERE

(2) Luigi's Italian Ice BOGO $3.19
  -(2)$1/1 from 5/1/11 RP

(2) Split Chicken Breasts $1.79/lb ($3.99 and $3.35 total)

(2)Kashi Pita Chips 2/$5
   -(2)$1/1 HERE

(2) Lance Creations 2/$4
   -(2)$1/1 HERE

(4) Yoplait Yogurt
   -(4) Free Product Coupon

(3) Heinz Ketchup 40 oz $1.99 (Note this size is cheaper than the current ad, but lasts only until the end of the Yellow Advantage Buy Flyer)
   -(3)50¢/1 from 5/22/11 SS

(1) Zephyrhills 24pk $3.99 (Great for the hurricane kit)

(1)Sundown Vitamin D $2.99
(1)Sundown B Complex $3.99
   -(2)$1/1 from 4/17/11 RP
   -(1)$6/2 from Green Advantage Buy Flyer

-$5/$25 purchase Save-a-lot Coupon

Good trip. First week officially under the new policy, and they still took overage. It seemed they were waiting on some to see if the order total would not be in the negative, so I guess that is how my store interprets it. One of the days when I have a chance, I'll have to ask them specifics on the overage. I plan to visit another Publix later that supposedly sells Pepsi Throwback because there is some free Pepsi just waiting for me. If I go, I'll come back and add it here.

So I made it to the other Publix yesterday and was only able to get 2 Pepsi Throwbacks, but here's the how that one matched up:
(2)Pepsi Throwback BOGO $4.99
   -(1)B1G1 Facebook Promotion (no longer available)

Total spent: 30¢(tax) Total Saved: $9.98 Total worth: $10.28 Percent Saved: 97%

That makes the grand total for the day:
Total Spent: $20.51 Total Saved: $83.13 Total Worth: $103.64 Percent Saved: 80%

Now I just need to go back and get more Throwback, as I have 3 more coupons still. :-/


  1. Chris and Kendal HargrettMay 26, 2011 at 9:00 PM

    I went to Publix today and they said that company wide they are no longer taking Target coupons.  Did they take yours at your publix?

  2. Definitely not company wide. They should have the new coupon policy out now, in which there should be a sign and a little flyer they give customers both of which are now required to list their competitors. Mine specifically listed Target. I know some of the stores in Tally still take them. It might be due to proximity to Target (like say Target is a bit of a distance from the particular Publix, so they think people won't still go there), or I've heard some in other areas that aren't near a SuperTarget won't take them.

  3. Chris and Kendal HargrettMay 28, 2011 at 7:17 AM

    okay... good to know. I was really bummed because I had three coupons totaling $3 for my BOGO cereal.  He did hand me the flyer and Target wasn't on it.  We were at the Publix by Lake Ella... I wonder if the one on Ocala would take it since it's even more far away from Target

  4. You might try calling the one at Blairstone and Park, they're the one I used to go to when we lived there, and they are close to Target. I definitely think it stinks that they won't take them there. I'm glad they decided to continue to take them here, as we have a SuperTarget and it would just be dumb if they didn't take them here. That and there's like 1 to 2 Publix on every major street (There's 9 just in the city limits of Cape Coral, all 5 miles or less from our house, and definitely 5 miles or less to the nearest SuperTarget).
    I haven't tried using two of the Target coupons yet, to see if they'll still take two of the same, since the bottom of the Target coupons say "One per transaction."