Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Uses for Wire Hangers

You're not supposed to use wire hangers for clothes because they can damage them (I'll admit it, I still use them), but sometimes you end up with many more than you actually need. So what do you do with them? Check-out the list below for some ideas.
  • Cut it into pieces with a wire cutter, and use it to "staple" a soaker hose into place in the garden
  • Untwist it and use it to adjust angles on the air vent or use it to retrieve items that have fallen under or behind the refridgerator or other heavy objects (like those socks that fell behind the dryer).
  • Make it into a giant bubble wand.
  • Use it to remove static cling. Just rub the long straight side over your skirt to remove static.
  • Turn it into a shoe hanger by turning the two ends up.
  • Unlock the door on an older car. (This won't work on most newer cars)
  • Unclog drains. Untwist the hanger and go fishing around in the drain to pull out an ubstruction.
  • Make a mobile for a baby's room. (Could be a fun project for an older sibling.)
  • Use it to make a plate hanger.
  • Use to make a hanging basket for plants.
  • Use it to unlock bedrooms doors. (If you have the push lock kind)
  • Use them for roasting marshmallows or hotdogs over a camp fire or fire pit.
  • Build a kite with them
  • Use them to make plant markers for your garden
  • Lots of arts and crafts including wire Christmas trees and wreaths.
Do you have a use for wire hangers? Share below, and I will add it to the list.
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