Thursday, May 26, 2011

Frugality: Saving on Produce Through Community Supported Farms

So recently my husband and I bought a share in a Community Supported Farm. A community supported farm is a farm that is basically run by people taking ownership in it. Some farms have you help with work, others have you provide monetary support. In return you get a share of the harvest.
So why did we do it?
  • It's truly a great way to get veggies. For $30 a week, we will get a big box of organic fruit and vegetables. Sure we will occasionally have to pick up other things at the store, but it will provide much of what we need and then some.
  • People in general need to eat more fruits and veggies. If you pay for something, you'll probably be inclined to find a way to eat it before it goes bad. Also, many people skip veggies and fruits at the store because they are too expensive, and organic is even more so.
  • It helps a local business. By buying from a local farmer, you are helping them to profit, which in turn leads to them spending and hiring. If you buy from the supermarket, sure the store will profit, but it also means that a person across the country is profiting too.
  • It helps the environment. When produce is shipped across the country (and world), it just means lots of gas is used, and also a lot of packaging. If it doesn't grow in your area at that time of year, chances are it came from somewhere else, and traveled a long way to get there.
  • Variety. We'll get a variety of produce each week, which means not just eating the same three veggies, and getting more of the rainbow of foods available. Here's a look at some of the things my farm will be giving us, not all at once of course.
I'm actually quite excited, but unfortunately we don't get our first box for a long time. We live in South Florida, and now is when a lot of crops go out of season. It's really just to hot for many plants to grow. But I've heard both i heart publix and Southern Savers discuss their memberships in similar programs, and they love them. I hope you will consider looking for one in your area!

For more info on Community Supported Farms, or to find one near you, check out local harvest.
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