Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Uses for Junk Mail

We all get junk mail, whether we solicited it or not. Check out the list below for a list of things you can do with it.
  • Read it. LOL. No, but seriously there are sometimes good coupons in junk mail. Yes even the valpaks and such. Take 5 seconds to scan it.
  • Use it for animals. Works just like newspaper a lot of the time. Line a cat box, shred for a hamster cage, etc.
  • Use it to ship something. Larger things can wrap valuables, smaller to fill in extra space.
  • Scrap paper. The white letter paper (from a realtor or local business) can be turned over to print coupons on. :-)
  • Make new paper from it. There's tons of advice on how to do this, just do a google search to find it.
  • Use the envelopes to write your shopping list on (and then you can store the coupons inside)
  • Let your toddler or small child color or paint on it. They generally don't care that there's already something written on it.
  • Use catalogs and ads for kids projects or educational games.
  • Use the mail to let your kids play post office with.
  • Crafting. This website has a ton of stuff you can purchase, but they also have diy section.
  • And of course, if all else fails recycle it.
Do you have idea for junk mail? Share below and I will add it to the list!
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