Thursday, January 13, 2011

My thoughts...

So amid all the craziness in my life these past few weeks, I haven't been quite as good at posting as I usually am, but I saw a link to this posted yesterday on iheartpublix, and it made me want to emphasize the importance of food storage.

With these winter storms all across the US, it can become real easy for you to be unable to get out of your house, and when you do you may not find food at the stores. With big winter storms and hurricanes, people sometimes fall into this false sense of security that since they know the storm will be coming they can run out and get food to cover them. Unfortunately too many people think this, which is why stores run out of important items before a storm even hits. People also then falsely assume that they only need a few days to cover them because the storm will only last a few days and then they can go to the store. This is also a really bad idea because first the stores ran out of important things before the storm got here, and there's a good chance that trucks were not able to come replenish that. If the storm is bad enough it can take weeks before the stock is replenished.

There's also the fact that many people forget that they can lose power from storms, and while power companies are pretty good at getting it back and running quickly, there is no guarantee that they will be able to. That's why you need emergency power sources. Generators, camp stoves, flash lights, etc. 

The moral of the story? The time to prepare is long before a storm is even mentioned. 

Next week I will be back to the "How Do I Use It? segment! 
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