Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How Do I Use It? Sugar Part III: Cooking

The best thing about sugar is there is no cooking required to use it. You could just eat it as is, but that's way too sweet for most people.

There's really two main uses of sugar in meals: to sweeten or to counteract acidity. Below are some examples of each.

To sweeten:

  • Drinks- like lemonade, koolaid, etc.
  • Sweet Baking- very few baked goods do not have sugar in some amount. 
  • Toppings- Whipped Cream, sprinkled on fruit, on cereal, etc.
To counteract acidity:
  • This is most often in homemade pasta sauces, salsas, etc. 
One other use of sugar is in yeast baking. When you use yeast you usually proof it in water with some sugar for the yeast to feed on. If you will be baking breads with your food storage, you need some sugar.

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