Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Recipe- Hard Boiled Eggs

You'd think hard boiled eggs would be easy, but for many people they aren't. I love hard boiled eggs, and it took me awhile to fine tune cooking them. Sometimes I'd cook them for too short a time, and the inside was still runny, and others I'd cook them so long they were impossible to peel. Hallee uses a similar technique that I do, and it's quite simple. Check it out here.
Photo Credit: Hallee the Homemaker
Here are some things I would add:

  • To cool the eggs quicker add ice to the water.
  • To make eggs easier to peel tap the egg so one of the ends cracks while they sit in the cold water.
  • Make a bunch. They're good for making egg salad, a quick snack, or quick breakfast.
  • To store the eggs, don't peel until you need them and store in original container, or peel and store in a bag.

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  1. Why bother peeling hard boiled eggs anymore at all?  I found a gadget that leaves the shell out of the equation altogether.  Eggies TV