Monday, August 8, 2011


It's been a little crazy around here. My husband surprised me with a getaway to Orlando this past weekend, and it was absolutely wonderful. It was a nice trip away from the daily grind and it was a nice break from technology (I'm not one to drop $4.95 for an hour of internet). As you can guess, grocery shopping was not even on my radar for last week.

So that was the good news, the bad news however is that my computer (which was purchased in January), stopped working last week. AHH! It turned out to be that my hard drive inexplicably died. :-/ It is thankfully under warranty, so it will be repaired for free, but I will be without it for 2 weeks. Thankfully I have my husbands computer to work with, but it makes it a little more difficult in life to get things done. As such, the posts will probably be sporadic this week as I both get back to reality after my break and because of the lack of my personal computer.

Some other good news is a few months back BzzAgent offered me a one year free trial to Trend Micro's SafeSync, which happens to be an automatic back-up service, so I haven't lost anything from my computer. I can also access it from other computers, so I can at least still access things I need these next few weeks. If anybody is interested in trying SafeSync go here and use the code BZZ20 to get a discount off the price.

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