Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Uses for Dental Floss

Dental floss has a lot of surprising uses because it is quite durable! Of course the best use for dental floss is cleaning those pearly whites, and avoiding huge expenses at the dentist. Since it is one of those things that goes on sale often, and you can get it free, I figured I'd give you a few uses for it!

  • Cutting cheese or cakes (or cheesecakes). Works like a charm, just make sure it isn't flavored!
  • Secure a button. Great substitute for thread. Also great if you have a button that is always breaking because floss is stronger than thread.
  • Lift cookies off a tray. Hold it taut, and slide it under the cookies.
  • Remove a ring stuck on your finger. Wrap your finger in dental floss from the ring to the nail, then slide the ring off over it.
  • Separate photos. Photos sometimes get stuck together, so instead of ruining them ripping them apart, try working floss between them.
  • Hang pictures with it.
  • Wrap the ends of ropes with floss to keep them from fraying.
  • Use the mint kind to tie back garland at Christmas,
  • Clean tools, works well in the small crevices.
  • Make parachutes for army men with papertowels and floss.
  • Replacement strand for a necklace.
  • String popcorn for garland
  • Make a clothesline in the bathroom for swimsuits.
If you have any ideas, share them below and I will add them to the list!

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  1. He, he! Cool to know the other uses of dental floss! I thought dental floss is just used for removing debris within the teeth. You know, I'm not satisfied with just brushing my teeth, because there are times that a toothbrush can't reach some debris. That's why I floss after eating, and brush to make sure that there is no debris in my mouth and within my teeth.