Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Uses for Cooking Spray

Cooking spray is a wonderful thing that makes for less work in cleaning up, but also has less calories than butter, oil, or shortening that you could use. However, that cooking spray can also be a handy helper in other ways. Check out the list below for more helpful ideas.
  • Grating Cheese. It takes less work to grate (and makes the grater easier to clean) if you spray it with cooking oil first.
  • Preventing tomato stains on your tupperware. Spray the container first to prevent stains.
  • Debugging your car. Spray the grille with cooking spray and wipe.
  • Lubricate a bicycle chain.
  • Lubricate the hinge on a door.
  • Remove paint and grease from your hands by coating it with cooking spray and then work it in. Wash again with soap and water.
  • Dry nail polish. Spray the nail polish with cooking oil.
  • Moisturize your hands. Oil (not just cooking spray) is a great moisturizer for your hands (and body)!
  • Spray fishing line so the line will cast easier.
  • Spray the underside of your mower to keep grass from sticking.
  • Spray your shovel before shoveling snow.
  • Spray your car wheels after cleaning them to prevent build-up of brake dust and debris from the road.
  • Spray it on keys to make them enter the lock better.
  • Spray cleats before a game so grass and mud doesn't stick.
  • Spray the bottom of a sled or inner tube for a faster slide in the snow.
  • Coat measuring cups and spoons to help sticky foods (like honey or peanut butter) come out easier.
  • Spray your satellite dish to keep snow from piling on it.
Do you have any new uses for cooking oil? Comment below and I will add them to the list!
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