Thursday, February 3, 2011

Publix Trip 2/3/11

I spent $33.05 for $112.88 worth of groceries, saving $79.83 or 71%!

See my original list here.

(2) Additional Shredded Cheese
(2) 2% Kraft Singles $2.99
   -(1)$1/2 HERE
   -(2) $1/1 Printable (Can't remember where from...)
(1) Reusable Shopping Bag (not pictured)
   -(1) Free wyb $10 worth of Pepsi/Frito Lay Products


Prices, Price Changes, Coupons, and Coupon Changes:
Kraft Mayo BOGO $4.89! not $3.99
Milk $3.35 not $3.25
Chocolate Milk $2.89 (Free with Coupon)
Found a Peelie -$1/2 Diet Dr. Pepper 12 pk.

The trip was over all a good one. I had an assistant mananger checking me out, but I got the feeling he doesn't do it often. He entered a lot of the printable coupons as competitor... he also told me they are changing/changed? their coupon policy to not take some things, but he was really vague about it. He wouldn't take my Family Dollar $5/$25 purchase, and then he said something about my Walgreen's one, but then he entered it as a $1 off (instead of the full $4.99) anyway. But the ground turkey rang up wrong so he gave me both of them for free (I think because it was easier than trying to figure out the difference), so that made up for the Walgreen's coupon (I ended up getting $8.42 back for the meat). So it worked out ok in the end. I'll be interested to see where this coupon policy goes...

Also, just another reminder to enter the giveaway!
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