Thursday, February 10, 2011

Publix Trip 2/10/11

I spent $5.47 for $55.43 worth of groceries saving $49.96 or 90%! But I will submit for a rebate for the Snapple bringing it up to a savings of 101%!

Here's the match-up:
(4)Hartz Crunch N Clean BOGO $2.99
   -(2)$2/1 from 1/9/11 SS
   -(1)$1/1 from Feb All You
   -(1)$1/1 from Aug All You
(2)Welch's $2.99
   -(2)$2/1 Printable (No longer available)
(2)Rold Gold Pretzels BOGO $2.99
(2)Dove Deoderant $2.99
   -(2)$2/1 from 1/30/11 RP
   -(2)$1/1 from Green Advantage Buy Flyer
(1)Purina One Beyond Cat Food $7.99
   -(1)Free Product Coupon (Facebook promo no longer available)
(1)Strawberries $2.99
(1)Snapple Juice $5.99
   -Free after MIR found on package

I decided to go when I saw the opportunity for free dog treats, and figured I'd do the Dove and Welch's deal while I was there. I then decided the Strawberries looked good (again!). The rest I found while at the store...
Definitely a good trip in my book!


  1. Thanks for posting this...I didn't notice the dog treats w/coupon until I saw your post--so needless to say, I scored some $1.00 treats today! Blessings to you!

  2. Thanks! You are welcome! I'm always thankful for cheap dog treats!

  3. They are on pg 14 of my ad.

    Generally Publix ads are similar throughout all stores, but occasionally there are regional deals. In this case, I didn't see this in the original sneak peek, but then it was in my ad. It doesn't happen all the time, but does on occasion. It could be an unadvertised BOGO at your store, so you could ask them?