Thursday, April 28, 2011

Frugality: Thoughts on Extreme Couponing.

So TLC has this new show called "Extreme Couponing." It's good because it brings couponing to those who might not know about it's amazingness, but it also isn't realistic and sets many people up for failure. Here's some things to know:
  • It's reality tv, so it is going to be sensationalized.
  • The stores were informed ahead of time, and so therefore they weren't really clearing the shelves, it was all for the tv.
  • Some of the stores purposely broke their own policies because this show gives them good PR.
  • You aren't a failure because you don't come out of the store with less than 98% saved. That isn't typical.
  • They never account for the fact that buying 100's of something means buying coupons, and those are never included in the totals. While they are still saving money as whole, it isn't necessarily as high as they say it is.
  • Some of the people are portrayed as greedy hoarders, which gives couponers a bad reputation. Most of us just are trying to save money for our family and buy a little more to donate. Most of us don't have rooms full of food that we couldn't possibly eat in one year. Most of us don't run out to the store for every little deal, we just say oh well, it will be on sale again. And finally most of us don't neglect our family to save money.
  • Sales cycle through, so usually there is no need to by 100's of anything. Sorry.
  • On the show they were only buying what would make them save the most money(and therefor look better on tv), not what they use, need, or want. If you truly want to teach couponing you show them how to save on things like meat, produce, etc. Most of them have had none of this.
So jsut remember, while it may be fun to watch, it's not meant to be true-to-life. And I'm sure none of those people are as crazy as they appear on tv.

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  1. Well said! I try and explain this to people when they ask me about it. 64 bottles of mustard? That's pretty eccentric.